“Great features”.. Microsoft issued the second generation of the browser Chromium Edge

Provided Microsoft Corporation the trial version of the second generation for browser Chromium Edge developers, on the location of the Microsoft Edge Insider, where you can access it and download it and try it, the company indicated that the version available through the three versions is Developer وBeta bridge, has been patron of the programmers of Microsoft in the features of this new browser several add-ons, consistent with the evolution in the internet, and also with fierce competition from the most famous browsers on the other.

Features browser Chromium Edge new

مايكروسوفت تطلق الجيل الثاني من متصفح Chromium EdgeMicrosoft launches the third generation of browser Chromium Edge

The company considered several properties in the new version of this browser was that it became more balanced and stable with different web sites, focusing on the basics of visualization and plugins support many and scattered, it can be said that it looks like pretty much Google Chrome with the addition of touch Microsoft works has a group of skilled programmers and most accurate, so that the tabs in the browser Chromium Edge characterized by the easy handling compared to Google Chrome.

Where you can add as many tabs to the new control in the order of their appearance, and if you’ve been to the bottom and you’ll find a special section for the News Feed which shows you the latest news which makes you to direct contact with all the events first, it is an item to select the various plugins from the Microsoft Store and there you will find many of them which have been specially designed for browser Chromium Edge.

Experience some of this new browser is stressed it’s less in the use of the internal memory of the device from Google Chrome, where it opens the same tabs on the browsing and comparison between the consumption of Radio, found that browser Microsoft much less.

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