“GoSun Go”.. oven portable cooking on Sunshine

Not with respect to the weight of the device is “on air” GoSun Go pound reality, but it serves as a means of free, safe and simple to cook food and heat water for hot drinks to make the most of the sun’s Rays.

And “on air” GoSun Go is a solar oven consists of a tube of silicon to try a pair of lenses, which focus sunlight on the tube, raising the temperature of the food or water inside it to 260 ° C, so can easily cook food and heat the water until boiling by using the rays of the sun.

And the device is designed technology allows it to work in the least possible amount of sunlight and in cloudy weather, it undermines the absorption spectrum of radiation, such as UV rays, which penetrate clouds, which makes it suitable for most weather conditions.

It offers on the device Compass-specific, they are used to adjust the device in the best position not in front of the sun, and that the tube designed for holding heat within them as long as possible.

Successfully campaign financing solar furnace “on air” GoSun Go in to collect the target amount of which, on the site of crowdfunding indiegogo, is available for purchase through the website priced at $ 139 (2,500 Egyptian pounds approximately).

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