GoPro will produce lines of cameras to the outside of China to avoid the tariffs associated with

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The trade dispute continued between the United States and China threatens even the American companies that manufacture their products in the people’s Republic of China. Could end up high cost products of these American companies if the US government imposed tariffs on more products made in China, a move which threatens to increase until the price of phones iPhone more in the near future, for example, but not limited to. Having said that, it has made the company GoPro is now a proactive step by announcing the willingness to transfer most of the production lines of cameras oriented to the US market entirely to outside of China.

The company announced the GoPro today that most of the cameras that it sells in the U.S. market will not be manufactured anymore in China, they are going to transfer ” most ” of the production lines out of China by the summer of next year. The company explains in a statement to the Press that they are taking this step in order to ” mitigate the potential impact of the tariffs and the new that will be applied to products that are imported from China “.

Will not apply any customs duties imposed in this trade dispute to other countries and this is the reason that the company GoPro will continue to produce cameras destined for international markets in China. The company expects to do this transformation at a relatively low cost in which you own the equipment, own production and Industrial not only offers facilities.

You didn’t tell the police where will now complete its market-oriented American. This does not necessarily mean that it will end production lines to the United States.


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