Google’s use of the Android Messages to solicit the views of users

Google know new questionnaire for users of phone ZTE Axon 7 shows through a messaging application Android Messages.

A few days ago we referred to the leadership of Google using the Settings menu of the phone Pixel 2 XL to solicit the views of users through a questionnaire entitled “assistance in improving the Pixel: a questionnaire for one minute”.

Although the questionnaire did not appear for many users of the devices Pixel 2, but it seems that Google doesn’t want to make it limited to users of its devices, but want to expand to include users of Android devices other.

Recalling a new report published by the website Android Central to the emergence of a similar questionnaire to a user of phone ZTE Axon 7, except that the survey appeared, this time within an application by the Ad Hoc SMS Android Messages.

According to voice opposition to the application raised some questions within the box titled “assistance for Android Messages”, which appears at the bottom of the screen, giving the user the option to ignore the request or answer.

It seems that the questions posed by the Android app Messages similar to those displayed by replacing the phone Pixel 2 XL, so ask the app about the customer satisfaction in general on Android Messages.

Although this method may seem troublesome for many users, however, should be viewed positively thinking that Google want to get comments and opinions of the users about their products in order to work on improving it.


Source: Google’s use of the Android Messages to solicit the views of users

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