Google’s development of the SMS service the RCS and the name of the “Chat”

This topic Google the development of SMS service the RCS and the name of the “Chat” appeared on Engadget.

According to a new report published by Website The Verge, confirmed Google’s plan to put a large group of multicast applications such as Allo to the initiative of the RCS in the near future, which will be the name of the Chat. This new standard has been assigned to replace the SMS to be compatible with most of the major telecom companies around the world.

Will support users feature Group Chat, voice calls, and video chat and share the geographic location and share photos and videos with Full HD resolution, and send emoji, in addition to the notice of the reading and see if the other party is currently writing, will be through Wi-Fi and LTE.

Competing platform Chat Google with other platforms like iMessage from Apple وMessanger of Facebook, as it will be available inside the Android app Messages.

Has announced the Google has already partnered with many companies manufacturing phones such as the Huawei وMotorola and LG and HTC and Sony to use the Android Messages application Chat default. If the parties use the Chat, you’ll be forwarding the message on as message to the RCS, if they weren’t users of the Chat will not deliver text in the form of a short text message, and through this change will affect messages to Chat on the consumption data of the user and not on the consumption of SMS. There are 55 companies introduction for mobile services in all over the world to the side of the 11 manufacturers of various devices will enter the platform to Chat.

Since it is not implemented on the network operator, it can consider it safe such as messaging applications based on the IP protocol that provide encryption from end-to-end. Although Google Translate transmission of the content of the message to the network operator, they want to improve the user experience by updating the features for the Android app Messages the same.

Will include the Android app Messages features such as the smart reply feature that we have seen with the Allo and the integration of Google images, organize messages, search features best, features and other many.


This topic Google the development of SMS service the RCS and the name of the “Chat” appeared on Engadget.

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