Google’s decision to withdraw the license landed the destruction of the Department of the phone company Huawei

Was Features first sales of Huawei’s smartphones since the beginning of this year indicate that the Chinese giant is going to win the competition existing between the Giants of manufacturing the phone with the highest sales in smartphones, however, Google’s decision back to Hoi An has to the starting point in one moment.

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The decision raised the search giant to halt the license landed Huawei is a lot of controversy about the future of the phone division at Huawei, due to the adoption of this section is mainly on the operating system landed, even with a distinction design and specifications of the versions of Huawei smart phones, only that the absence of the operating system fixed with the updates for your software protection is of concern to a lot of users.

I have predicted a lot of market analysts the highest sales of smartphones Huawei company during this year, particularly with the beginning representative in Huawei’s sales in the first quarter of 2019, where the control of Huawei to the Chinese market with the highest sales, as indicated by the projections that it will exceed sales of the Samsung with the end of this year, only to stop Google from support phones Google operating system landed destroys the dreams of Huawei and the future of the phone section.

On the other hand, cannot be emphasized at the present time the plans of the American administration the future of Huawei, where they suggest some expectations that decisions Trump about Huawei come to confirm the readiness of the American administration to take strict measures towards Chinese companies at any time, while weather forecasts indicate again that Huawei will be in the list of Trump black indefinitely, i.e. they start to rotate the phone section Huawei fully.

Come the first problem faced by Huawei in the failure to provide updates to the new operating system Andorid current versions of the Huawei phones and also Honor, while stop supporting new versions of the Huawei operating system landed, that Google will launch restrictions destructive of that will stop Huawei’s sales outside China market permanently.

It is not to choose Huawei open source software landed the perfect choice that corresponds to the versions of the company’s Representative, where the company started, Google already during the financial period in reducing the possible of the article in open source software landed, so you won’t have users experience operating system landed a recurring problem, leading to a delay in Huawei from its competitors in the market.

On the other hand, there is no operating system for smartphones comes at the level of the operating system Andorid or features provided by Google apps and updates of the system, which puts Huawei in a catastrophic situation in the face of its competitors without the support of Google.

Recall that the Huawei commented on Google’s decision to withdraw the license it was one of the influential in increasing the popularity of the platform landed spread all over the world, as confirmed by users also as committed to providing updates to protection software.

Also expected to defer Huawei launch phone its folding Huawei Mate X to reach a settlement with the administration to restore the privileges of the system of landed in its smart phones of the new.


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