Google’s consolidation of user images on all its services

Google’s consolidation of user images on all its services

The company said Google on Monday: she thinks unifying the image of the profile of users of the email service (Gmail) Gmail with your account picture your account Google, so in an effort to facilitate the user experience.

She explained the giant American technology that, when a user wants application package to their office (G. Sutton) G Suite change profile picture on their service (Gmail), it will move to the section (about me) About me settings profile account Google.

It is indicated that the situation at the present time includes a difference image account profile (Gimli) from the image of the profile of my Google account, which Google says it’s confusing. Now it has become the sound standard for all Google applications and services.

Can users of the service (Gimli) consolidate the image by going to (Settings) Settings, then (General) General, then (my picture) My Picture where they will move directly to where the test image to calculate the Google.

If the user has pictures of two different now, the Google will ask them to choose one of them, or upload a new image when you go to the Settings section (about me) About me.

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Referred to as he began to apply the new change on Monday.

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