Google’s challenge May 7, the date for the conference I/O developers

قوقل تحدد 7 مايو موعدًا لمؤتمرها I/O للمطورين

Posted Google on its account official on the social network, Twitter, tweet, download a mystery about the date of the conference developers own boat, this puzzle was kept for some time so that the fun fans to solve, but to the end she talked about starting on 7 May.

Comes the I/O conference for developers in general during the month of May, where they will reveal where the company about the Android operating system new and some of the techniques and systems developed, to be a reference for developers interested in company regulations.

This year the conference will be held from 7-9 May at the theatre or a listed Shoreline Amphitheatre in the heart of me view in the state of California.

A lot of things will be waiting for us definitely, especially with the revelation Google for the latest version of Android for smartphones, but until that time maybe we see new leaks about more than the company will be held.

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