Google works to prevent browsing through invitations to random up the calendar via Gmail

جوجل تعمل على منع التصيد عبر دعوات عشوائية تصل التقويم عن طريق الجيميل

Said Google Inc. yesterday that it is working to fix the problem call random up to users of everyone, the spammers its mounting mechanism linkage between the calendar and the messages of beauty that illuminate the idea of virtual events to the calendar.

As these invitations contain mostly links to non-secure is tapped to be the starting point to start targeting the user of solidarity through the transfer of mined malware.

The statement came out of the company about this problem that started since last May cross – platform support , saying that it set the problem situation in the calendar and working hard to resolve them will provide the public of any new developments.

On the same context and in the absence of a permit company specific articles to send to fix this bug for the moment, the user can avoid this problem by disabling the settings default to link events with a calendar, and enter first Google Account own via the browser.

And then go to the calendar and pressing on the settings menu and scroll down until the option ” automatically add events”, then select “no, show invitations to which have been answered only” see the picture attached:

Can you do a step precaution to bind events to the calendar from the same settings page and cancel the option “add events from Gmail to automatically” as the following image shows:

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