Google will tell about the vulnerability to help improper use of its products

It seems that Google don’t worry just from the Pirates of the elite professionals when it comes to their. They are also seeking to fight the misuse of simple systems and their products, which often can be for anyone; with round a little research on the internet, do.

One of the things that Google is seeking to fight them, for example, find ways to buy items from Google without paying for it, or circumvent the restrictions on use of content and participation.

But how do you fight Google such things? The company announced yesterday about expanding the program rewards the gaps Vulnerability Reward Program to include reporting on techniques that allow users to bypass the restrictions on misuse, fraud, and spam.

It should be noted that this practice of Google is not entirely new, it was the police on the run the past two years to reward these types of reports of the gaps, but the company is now promoting it explicitly.

In a publication on her blog alerted Google to the they wouldn’t reward anyone who sends him a report on the abuse. For example, if you report content that violates its guidance, policies or spam emails then you will not reward. Any that any the report does not contribute to the change in software products from Google products not within the scope of the initiative.

The Google has announced in last February that it paid under the program rewards the gaps Vulnerability Reward Program more than $ 12 million since it was launched the first time in 2010. In 2017 alone, spent more than $ 2.9 million.

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