Google will simplify setting up notifications in the Android Q

Ever since released the very first beta build version of Android Q it’s been a few weeks, but users who installed it on their devices, still continue to discover in it some new features and settings. One of the most controversial innovations in the Android Q was the ability to remove notification by swipe in one direction only.

This innovation is quite unusual and it is unclear why Google decided to do things that way. If earlier notification to the curtain with notifications you can swipe in any direction and it was removed, now for this action is suitable only swipe right and a swipe to the left intended for additional options. Such a decision may not come to mind, for example, left, right, or just those who want to remove the notification swipe it to the left.

But you can now breathe calmly, as a special resource for tracing bugs called Google Issue Tracker, the Google spokesperson wrote that at the moment work on the notification continues in future beta releases will we see it brought to mind system management configuration notifications. In new settings you can choose the swipe direction for a particular action, but you cannot assign both directions (swipe left and right) to the same effect – for example, the removal of the notice, as it was in previous versions of Android.

It is unclear whether the innovations available in some of the next releases of the beta versions or the final public version. Be a shame if the latter option proves true, and then have to wait for the correct notification until August, when will the public version of Android Q.

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