Google will require smartphone manufacturers to release Android devices 10 from January 31, 2020

Евгений Коваленко

Google has decided to accelerate the proliferation of smartphones with Android 10.

Starting from January 31, 2020 all new Android smartphones must have a firmware based on Android 10. Otherwise Google won’t give companies license the Google Mobile Services (and get a situation like the Huawei Mate 30 – a device running Android, but without Google services). However, there is a small caveat – if the device is with firmware based on the Android 9 Pie will be approved before January 31, 2020, in the sale it will be able to enroll after this date.

So Google wants to motivate manufacturers to develop faster with the new firmware. After all, for example, Android 10 was officially announced a month ago, and the company is still releasing smartphones running Android 9 Pie.

What do you think, will Google affect manufacturers? And all will be solved if ever the situation with promiscuity Android?

Source: GSM Arena

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