Google will project its military with the United States government, and you didn’t call it off

We posted last week about an internal message in Google about the intention to stop the project Muffin with military with the Pentagon, but either that the news was not accurate or that Google reneged on its decision.

Promised Google via official blog that they will not use techniques of artificial in the arms industry and trade and any other type may cause harm to people, but she on the other hand will continue its work with the U.S. Army in the “other sectors”.

Google confirmed that it will continue to project Muffin “Project Maven” with the U.S. government when it expires next year, but in return will maintain cooperation with the US Department of Defense in the areas of cyber security, training, military recruitment, health care, veterans and search and rescue operations.

Project Muffin in its current form is an agreement between the company and technical giant and the Ministry of Defense to provide them with the intelligence of my own making. used in the industries of military “non-offensive” including surveillance systems and navigation systems for UAVs. The acquisition of this project resentment among the staff of Google, where some 3,000 employees signed a petition demanding the company l’d finish it some before say 12 of them at least to submit their resignation.

Do you think that Google bowed to pressure from the American government on this subject? Or is it purely physical? the


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