Google will officially close the email app Google Inbox on April 2,


Maybe you’ve heard that Google will shut down social network Google +on the second day of April next, but it looks like it won’t be a Google service only, which will be launched on that day. I started the company is now sending notices to App Users Google Inbox telling them it will close this application on the same day.

Sent Google e-mails late last year that they will close the Google Inbox in 2019. The company has sent now notifications to users of this app to tell them where they are going to close this app on the second day of April next.

Contains the notice that is sent on the link to open the Gmail app. Can consider that as an attempt by the company to ensure the commitment of the affected users, using the email solutions of the company and move on to the many other alternatives available on the Google Play Store.

Those who use Gmail already won’t notice much of a difference, because the Google company has transferred many of the features of Google Inbox to the Gmail app in the past months, among these features we mention the Smart Compose, and Smart Replay, but not limited to. However, users who were fans of Google Inbox would miss some other features like grouping, but there is no way to prevent Google from pulling the plug on Google Inbox. It was estimated that this occurs, you may decide now that this occurs at the beginning of the next month.


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