Google will not manufacture any more tablet devices

The company stressed that Google information contained in the report which stated they will not pursue the issuance of tablets new, the successor device of last year (Pixel Slate), and confirmed its exit from the tablet market; for the benefit of the focus on the models of computers and laptops traditional, such as (Pixelbook).

This comes after the lack of Google’s announcement effectively on any tablet device this year, although it was planning to launch two tablets two smaller (Pixel Slate) this year, but they scrapped these plans, and the transfer of staff who were working on the development of these devices to other areas of the company.

It seems that the results of the test to ensure the quality and disappointing paying Google to completely abandon both devices, with informed staff of its decision on Wednesday.

A spokesman for Google: will focus the company’s efforts to laptops for the Chrome operating system (Chrome), with continuing support (Pixel Slate).

This means continued access device (Pixel Slate) on the software and security updates for many years to come, but there won’t be (Pixel Slate 2).

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He confirmed Rick’s hotel Rick Osterloh, who leads the hardware business Google, part of this information through their account official on Twitter platform.

And Rick’s hotel about the intention of Google to improve Chrome OS on tablet devices, and after that issued many companies – including the Acer; a HP – tablets running Chrome.

Got device (Pixel Slate) on the ratings modest when it was introduced for sale last year. Won Google on praise in relation to the equipment of the machine, but the problem was in operating system (Chrome OS) on your tablet.

Usually women at least the price of the (Pixel Slate) of very slow performance, although the company has solved some of these issues via updates, but it is clear that the company realized that the face of the iPad (iPad) from Apple will be a losing battle.

Provided Apple iPad across different price segments, and the device a tremendous range of applications, it is assumed access to improvements in productivity this autumn, with the launch of the operating system (iPadOS).

As unable device (Pixel Slate) from Apple on the device (Surface) from Microsoft, for consumers who are looking for the experience of the computer desktop full on a tablet.

At the same time, it has got calculator (Pixelbook) on the ratings of the best since its release in 2017, owing to owning a good keyboard; the screen is great; the determined light weight; style is unique.

It is clear that there is a new model on the way, as said a Google spokesperson: it’s very likely the launch of the second generation of the device (Pixelbook 2) before the end of 2019.

As the company will continue in the production of smartphones, a new category of Pixels (Pixel), where the phones pixels and the edges of the doctor (Pixel) of making two different sections within Google.

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