Google will hold developer conference I/O in the 7 of the month of May

Applies Google’s conference for developers next from 7 to 9 May, where the conference is held in the state of California in Mountain View.

Google developer conference

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Today confirmed the date of the conference the search giant officially on the 7th of May, which is one of the annual events that leaves her a lot, where applicable, the conference this year from California, and after that revealed the date of the conference today via a tweet on Twitter after that was solved a puzzle that includes the date of the conference.

And it took me a riddle this year a lot of the time before the arrival of one of the users of Twitter to in the end, where I posted a riddle this year in a tweet on Twitter includes 12 lines of code with the URL link is transmitted to the video content, so it was not easy to all Twitter users solution this code is certainly and the date of the conference Google.

No different date this year the conference Google developers from the previous year, where the conference began last year on the 8th day of May, so the choice of Google is always concentrated in the first quarter of the month of May often.

Also the projections indicate that many of the addresses which will be put up in the conference this year, comes from Duplex, update apps Google Lens, Google Maps, and news along with advertising the most prominent of the next version of the operating system landed, as you know Google is developing technology intelligence line in many of the services and modern appliances.


I know of

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