Google will help you in tracking all the events of the 2018 World Cup

قوقل ستُساعدك في تتبع جميع أحداث كأس العالم 2018

Approaching the World Cup 2018 FIFA tee, and as usual I have Google some tricks to help the masses all over the world interested in the participation of events and Championship games, and with its launch with the first of the matches between the Russian team and the national team of Saudi Arabia next Thursday, will be the new features in the Google App in keep games, and other Google products are also available to improve the experience, including plugin and news and maps.

The Google search good for sports in general, whether in the app or on the web, as is usual, the searches related to the World Cup will give information such as games and news, but there will also be some new cards that know the standings, stats, players flying with the launch of the tournament before each game, will be on display card news and the odds of winning with the provision of a summary video for each match in the sea within 30 minutes of the final whistle.

Similar to what you might find in a custom application football or the news site, which will include updates of important events in the game statistics, tweets, photos, and more, and if you want to keep up with the game while doing other things, you will install feature tags.

Where clicking on the button “install the direct result of” on-card matching will create a floating bubble with the flags of the countries involved in addition to the current score and the amount of time elapsed, it can animate this on the screen stay away from the road, and you can click on the bubble to expand more information, and from there you can refer to the Google App to get the timeline full.

قوقل ستُساعدك في تتبع جميع أحداث كأس العالم 2018

The same topic but with another service of Google, a news service which was re-designed in full recently, and it now has some of the features of the Ad Hoc football, and will make the application “Tracker the World Cup” in android on the user interface all the results of the initiative, statistics, results, schedules, and will also include links to YouTube to get the video content further, with reference to that won’t be available to everyone, because it is limited to users in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, and the United States.

And if you want to see the theme of the World Cup the most importance during the session, go to Google trends to get the search information interactively, in real time, and you can ask the assistant to Google almost anything about the World Cup and will keep you informed.

If you already want to watch the event directly, you go to Google Maps to lengths to highlight local places “good to watch sports”. Will give you the virtual tour in some of the venues where events, such as Otkrytye Arena or St. Petersburg Stadium.

Finally youtube will help you through the highlight videos from the broadcasters official in more than 80 countries, will be able to users in the United States from watching the games direct through YouTube and TV and even record the games using the DVR to the cloud.

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