Google will do the work with contacts even easier. What will change?

In mid-November, Google developers have pleased users of Android smartphones the newest update. We are talking about the Contacts app, which received the long-awaited dark theme. Fresh design arrived in all points of the program: in settings, on the profile page and even in the sliding left menu. Since then a month has passed. During this period, the employees continued to work on improvements of appearance. Another innovation appeared in the app yesterday.

The designers have changed the window, your favourite contacts in the corresponding application, according to Phone Arena. Now the appearance of this menu is more adapted to the concept of the updated Material Theme and in General looks more natural.

Early menu favorite contacts were represented by colored blocks. Inside each was the first letter of the selected account to a friend or family member. Now, instead, is a series of circles. Their colors are bright, but slightly muted. Notation in letters has remained the same. In the series there are three selected contact. Under them you can see recent calls.

To update click on a favourite contact smartphone automatically called him. Now the functionality has changed — after the tapas you will be prompted to make a voice call or to dial it in a video format. If necessary, you can ask the person a specific action. In this case, to make a choice every time is not necessary.

Update selected contacts happens server-side, so to download a separate file update is not necessary. If the changes yet, will have to wait.

We will remind, in dark colors on the vast menu really makes sense. Google representatives had to compare the energy efficiency of night themes on Pixel and iPhone. The first showed a 60% power savings.

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