Google will continue to support Android apps 32-bit to store its

قوقل ستوقف دعم تطبيقات أندرويد 32 بت على متجرها

In a new campaign by Google to organize and store their own applications for Android smart phones, the company announced that it will continue to support applications built on 32-bit starting from August 1 next, to continue support for 64-bit only on smart phones.

Will the company delete all apps from the App Store, but no developer is working on updating the application you have developed the structure of the 64-bit until it is accepted, as it will not be accepting any new application is built on 64-bit. However, the company said it will support apps games 32-bit in a single case, which contain Unity 5.6 until October 2021 and then will stop dealing with 32-bit full.

Of course, the next updates include mobile apps, will Apps, Smart Watches and the Android system for TV support for 32-bit, especially since they don’t support 64 basically.

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