Google will close the Inbox and focus on Gmail. When will this happen?

Google launched Inbox in late 2014. The application had become a platform for testing new features of mail clients. To them includes snooze emails to a later date, smart answers and notification with high priority. The site worked out — say goodbye to Google Inbox at the beginning of spring.

The information was voiced by the employees of the company in the official blog, reports Phone Arena. According to them, during these 4 years, Google has learned a lot. In the end, the programmers moved the features of Inbox in Gmail, making improved communication with e-mail for millions of people.

Now the company wants to focus on one product — and it will be Gmail. Support Inbox will cease at the end of March 2019.

The decision also affected the April update Gmail. Then the platform won the majority of innovations Inbox.

To simplify the transition to Gmail, the company presented a small guide. It tells about the features of Inbox in Gmail and similar solutions within the past. The list are fixed letters, groups and reminders. Help meet the link.

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