Google will browsers embedded in apps access to their accounts

Availability of some browser applications and small embedded therein used to perform some tasks such as logging in an account to use it with the app, but these browsers are included may be subject to the operations of exploitation the wrong through malware allows hackers to steal user accounts, and for this, Google will start to browser and embedded access to user accounts starting from next June.

Hackers can intercept the communication between the user and the parking thus steal the login credentials own and use the browsers built-in applications to infiltrate accounts and steal their content to use or exploit in the dissemination of malware such as sending e-mail to the Friends of the victim from his personal account.

During the last years conducted a Google a lot of modifications to add more security operations, access through the browsers built-in. It was the last of those amendments to the advantage of risk assessment where they were asked to activate an JavaScript when you login for the user account.

Bottom line, soon, if you want to login to Google via an application, it will have to open the browser to the external web such as Chrome or Firefox or Safari or any other browser to login to your account, this means additional steps but it’s better from a security standpoint.

Of course depends on the developers of applications that rely on browsers internal built-in adjustments specific to authentication of the user’s OAuth token via the browser outside.

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