Google will be more ads on smartphones

Announced Google for a new set of ad units available to advertisers to use to Target smartphone users.

Beginning with a search through Google where they will allow advertisers the option to display a group of images as the user can interact with them and flipping between photos. Also there will be ads within the content stream and explore new articles in their application or official page of the mobile site.

Aim Google of new ad units that make them distinctive and catches the eye whether on deck or mode of operation, for example, the unit ad gallery I got more details from the user by about 25% according to the results of the initial tests compared ads traditional search.

As we have pointed out, these ads will be made available to users via smart phones only appeared in specific states.

Introduced Google a lot of adjustments on the way to display ads while searching from a smartphone, for example, when searching for a particular movie, you can view a group of photos as the official movie and photos from the inside of it with more information about showtimes and reviews users or watch the promo video.

The stream exploration, which is known news to suit your interests within the application of Google it will get the ads for the first time where the show just like any other news with the icon that indicates that declaration.

It is worth mentioning that these ads will reach YouTube also next to the proposed later this year.

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