Google will attract scientists to improve Android security

The company Google has decided to involve scientists and experts in the field of cyber security to reduce vulnerabilities of the Android operating system, organizing a research program ASPIRE. Reported by 9To5Google with reference to the corporate blog by the search giant. The goal of ASPIRE is to create new technologies of privacy that will have a direct impact on the ecosystem of Google in the next five years.

The openness of Android is both its strong and weak side, say the developers of Google. Thanks to the open operating system is subject to functional improvement and use on a variety of devices from wristwatches to smart phones and televisions. At the same time, it opens a lot of opportunities for malware creators manual for vulnerabilities and stealing user data and financial savings.

How to become a Android tester

Thanks to ASPIRE in mountain view expects to reverse the negative consequences that carries with it the openness of Android. For the project to be effective, Google plans to create a number of independent expert advice, thus ensuring maximum coverage of all the flaws and vulnerabilities of the operating system. To participate in the improvement of Android outside of ASPIRE will be able not only scientists, but also ordinary volunteers. Enough to send Google the appropriate application.

Plans to improve Android, which Google is building for the next five years, can attest to the fact that the company does not intend to abandon the exploitation of “green robot”. So all the rumors about the imminent replacement of Android in Fuchsia, most likely, will remain just rumors without any claim to any objectivity. At least in the next five, maybe more years of reasons to worry about the fate of the mobile OS of the search giant no.

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