Google will applications that request access to record calls and SMS from the store

I started Google in the application of its new policy which was announced last year relate to applications for clearances from existing applications in the store Google Play in order to restrict the access of applications to data users.

If as is obvious in the title, announced Google in a new publication via blog developers it will begin to remove any application that requests access to the records of the names and calls in addition to SMS messages without clarifying the reasons.

The statement confirmed that the developers raise the request to clarify the reasons for the request the clearances listed for approval by 9 March next, depending on the application of the offence to send update urgent cancellation of clearances, or will delete the app from the App Store immediately.

Google confirmed that such stringent action will be to give users more control data to control the data their privacy or at least the user would understand why the application asks for these clearances.


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