Google will allow the Project Fi buy Samsung, Apple, and other

قوقل ستتيح Project Fi لشركتي سامسونج وآبل وغيرها

It seems that Google will be a substantial expansion of the project by the Project Fi over the coming days, where according to reports, different from the company’s intention to open the project, the phones companies Samsung, Apple, OnePlus, to carry it to other companies within the project such as LG and Motorola.

Is considered a Project Fi of the projects that aim the company to provide wireless internet to and different from the traditional system, where they work to provide service in any place of the participants at a price of$ 20 per month with free calls and unlimited messages, the next data packet, at a price of$ 10 per GB that become free after the consumption of 6 GB.

Collaborate Google with major communications companies of America, T-Mobile, Sprint, US Cellular to provide the signal for phones that are compatible with the service within the companies of the organization of the project, which means that the subscriber to the service gets the best coverage in accordance with the position of any towers corporate communications of the three, that is, it will get better signal and speed in any place, this is the essence of the development of the Google Project.

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