Google will add the clipboard, and sharing phone numbers between Chrome OS and Android

Currently Google only supports two operating systems: Android for mobile and Chrome OS for laptops. And although they have much in common, they still do not belong in a single ecosystem. Gradually, the company is trying to change that, first with Google Play for Chrome OS, and then adding support for Instant Tethering for many Android devices and Chromebooks. Also, apparently, the development team of Google is currently working on adding greater integration between systems.

The user Chrome Story found in the bug tracker, the commit (code snippet) with the name “OneChrome demo”. This OneChrome looks like an unfinished project, which includes several interesting features. Perhaps most important, is the ability to share a phone number between systems. Apparently, the users of the systems will be able to send found on the Internet from the computer on Chrome OS, the phone number on a smartphone running the Android OS. On the smartphone at this point should open the dialer with the number already dialed, so you can make a call with one simple tap on the green button.

In the commit OneChrome also there is mention of the sharing of the clipboard between Chrome OS and Android. It should also be noted that when both of these features, data is protected end-to-end encryption, making it impossible to intercept information by someone from the outside. Thus, when used as a shared clipboard and the function of “sharing” phone numbers you no reason to worry about privacy of their data.

The third discovered a function — sync Wi-Fi passwords between devices. As stated in the comments to the aforementioned commit, it is assumed that this function sinhroniziruete data only between devices on the Chrome OS. But one of the Google insiders said there is a possibility that this feature will appear on Android. It will definitely make life easier for Android users who decided to use the device on Chrome OS. All you need to do is enter the wifi password once on one of their devices and all other devices will automatically connect to this network using the password of Google account.

Needless to say, all of these functions are now at an early stage of development, and therefore we, unfortunately, cannot even begin to say when they will be available for users, but nice to know that Google is working on it.

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