Google was fined 57 million dollars of personal data of users

IT company and then be the center of attention for the next trial. Often the larger the company the stronger the outcry surrounding the trial. However, it sometimes happens that data on decision-making for a very serious case remain behind closed doors until the announcement of the verdict. That’s exactly what happened this time: according to information recently obtained, the search giant Google according to the court decision is obliged to pay 57 million dollars. And the blame for the use of personal data of ordinary users.

Google fined by the French company CNIL (Commission Nationale de l’informatique et des Libertés) — the national Commission for information and freedom, which is the independent French administrative regulatory body whose task is to ensure compliance with the privacy law when collecting, storing and use of personal data.

French Agency accuses Google that it does not disclose the users fully no how going to their personal data or how that data is used. The Agency also imposes on Google the wrong getting user consent for the display of personalized ads, including on YouTube, Google Maps and other popular services.

“The violations people are deprived of the essential safeguards to preserve confidentiality, since the data is based on the vast amount of information about the people and the wide range of services they use.” — said representatives of the CNIL in the formal written appeal.

It should be noted that after the entry into force in may last year, “General regulations for the protection of data” (General Data Protection Regulation, the GDPR), the majority of companies, including Google, have changed the user agreement in order to comply with the new regulation, however, the lawyers found in the actions of the search giant some controversy.

“After the introduction of the GDPR, we found that large corporations such as Google, simply “interpretiruya act differently” and often superficially adapt their products.” — said Max Schrems, a representative of the law firm of La Quadrature du Net and an independent group of General filed a lawsuit against Google.

Google representatives at the moment, gave no comment about the penalty in the amount of 57 million US dollars. However, it is known that similar complaints from also filed against Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook.

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