Google: use the “night mode” helps to protect the devices battery

It is known that the night mode for applications helps in reducing lighting companies, which leads to the protection of the eyes, in addition to reducing the battery consumption as a result of said brightness battery, however, Google recently confirmed that night mode Night Mode user applications currently prolongs the lifetime of the battery more time than the previous, in addition to contributing to reduce the loss of battery quickly.


According to the published location of GSM India, revealed Google in the conference of developers of your Android, the battery consumption at full lighting in black does not exceed 20% of the power consumption when you use all white, which means that the application time of night consume about 1/5 of the energy a normal situation, as a result of that the colors increase the energy consumption on the screen with all the degrees, where the number of pixels illuminated, the higher the color became a light which increases the energy consumption.

However, the strange thing is that Google itself used the white color in the design of its applications and basic, which makes the power consumption larger.

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