Google updates the look of the Cards. What has changed?

Earlier in the week, Google employees told a major improvement to the Cards. Now users can add reviews of establishments hashtags that will help other fans of the platform quickly find the right place. And since the wording of the request may be any, the search will be much more narrowly focused. The developers didn’t stop there. After a couple of days, Android smartphones got a makeover.

Follow the course on an updated Material design Theme the representatives of the company began in June. It was then that the platform has got a white background and updated fonts in almost all app menu. However, the navigation window that extends from the left side of the display, passed by update. The situation is already fixed, according to 9to5google.

Meaning the menu has remained the same, but its appearance has changed significantly. Now the inscription is written in the Google font Sans and all icons meet the standards of Material design Theme. Notice the change will help two screenshots. Left old version right — new.

The navigation bar has become bigger because of the reduced font. Icons are now lighter, and the dividing line does not intersect the window across the entire width. Now they stay under the text.

Tips, adding missing locations, settings and help menu are now grouped at the bottom. The change is simple, but the meaning of it is. Update applies the server, so it should soon be smartphone users.

Recall, this is not the first update to Google Maps for the last month. In early November, the company began testing a message function on radar and incidents on the road. Initially, the update was available to a small number of owners of Android-devices.

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