Google unveils web version of the new Gmail service, which includes a new design and new features

Google Gmail

The company revealed Google today announced the web version of the new Gmail, which is the version that comes with many changes visible to the dramatic, which aims to facilitate the user experience and, most importantly, strengthen the security infrastructure of the service.

One of the biggest changes in the web version of the new Gmail is to increase the proportion of safety. Services include Gmail now a new situation of privacy includes a set of features. Users can now send emails with the date of expiry. After the expiry of the validity date specified, those emails disappear forever. To reduce the chances that someone not authorized to read the e-mail message, it is now possible to lock The electronic message and the recipient enter a code sent via SMS message to access the electronic message.

Thanks to the tools, Information Rights Management ( Information Rights Management ) and new it became possible to disable the option of forwarding the electronic communication that you send or upload them or copy them or print them. Finally, the renewal of the security warnings within Gmail to make the threats more visible when you open the email needs to be serious.


Services include Gmail now also features artificial intelligence, including development of and answers smart notifications, high priority. Will provide Gmail service to remind you to follow up an important email so you don’t forget. Were brought the smart reply feature ” Smart Reply ” in the Gmail app to the web version as well to activate the automatic responses of the proposed on e-mails so that you can respond to them with one click.

As part of the process of the redesign, featuring a new user interface buttons for archiving and deletion and installation on existing messages in the Inbox, so you don’t have to open the message to access these features, or select them individually and apply the changes. Integrated side panel is now better with Google Apps G Suite other. Allows you to put more research, or write, or reply, delete or archive messages that have up to 90 days without an Internet connection.

Users in companies will get the new version of Gmail starting today. Will regular users see the option to adopt a new design in the Settings menu in the top left.



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