Google unveils router Nest Wifi وPoint Assistant Google Digital built-in with amplifier

Revealed the search giant technology it new to support the communication faster between smart devices via the router Nest to Wifi, as revealed from the Nest Wifi Point that is associated with Bemba, the voice assistant Google Digital.

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Applies router Nest Wifi today with modem ISP support call Wi-Fi networks, it also comes design trying to the first release of the Google Wifi but the size of the longer language Google design possible.

Google also offers this year’s Nest Wifi Point dedicated to expand the Wi-Fi signal, where the device comes to the design without the Ethernet port, and you can also distribute the units of the Point in the perimeter of the house to extend the signal.

I have designed the Google Nest Wifi Point speakers with the plugin Google Digital Compact or Nest Mini, which supports the user better with audio quality higher, the control technology with touch, and microphones support wide away, it also comes in a smaller size with early and grills at the bottom, and a Nest Wifi Point in the light blue, or pink besides white color, which are colors available for Nest Wifi also.

Confirm Google that the new hardware supports the speed twice more with the cover in a larger scale by 25%, also supports voice commands to run, and is scheduled to go Google Nest Wifi at the price of $ 169 for the unit, while Google offers devices at a price of 269 dollars, or a router with two point at the price of 349 dollars, that apply to devices on 4 November in 8 regions.


I know of

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