Google unveils new version of Android Go, this all has its advantages


Google revealed earlier this year a watered-down version of the Android operating system exists for phones with low category, this version carried the name Android Go Edition with Android system oreo 8.1.

Today Google launched a new version of Android-Go-based Android Bay 9.0, which launched officially a few days ago. As is the case in the previous version of the Android Pie Go Edition wave of smart phones with low performance, and in addition it provides a space of 500 MB of additional compared with Android Oreo 8.1 Go Edition any that its area will be less by 50% compared to running Android oreo 8.0 which means he will get 2.5 GB of memory storage.

Android Go Pie
Android Go Pie

According to Google, the new operating system will provide users with higher security level will be a control panel to monitor the data consumption, in addition to improving some of the apps your Android an atmosphere such as the Maps Go assistant Go now supports additional languages such as Spanish and Portuguese.

Android Go Pie
Android Go Pie


While more than 200 models of smart phones running Android Go today, more than 100 company manufacturer of smartphones is planning to issue smartphones running this version of Android operating system soon.

I didn’t reveal to Google for a specific date to bring a copy of the new operating system, but was assured that it would be available in time during the next fall.

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