Google unveils another security hole in Windows 10 before it is fixed

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Yesterday we told you that Google revealed a security vulnerability in the browser Microsoft Edge despite the fact that Microsoft did not fix this security vulnerability yet. Now, it turns out that Google Inc. revealed another security hole in Windows 10, this time it is not fixed yet by Microsoft Corporation.

Team, Google Project Zero disclosed a security vulnerability in the new Windows 10, which didn’t Microsoft Fix it until now. Usually, you Google company detects security vulnerabilities discovered in the software of other companies after 90 days of the submission of the details of the vulnerability of the company concerned.

As a result, it has been revealed by Google about the security vulnerability existing in Windows 10 now that I did a report about it to Microsoft in the month of November last year, but the latter don’t fix the security vulnerability within 90 days granted by the company Google for the companies to fix security holes discovered in the software affiliate.

The vulnerability that you’ve found the company Google in Windows 10 is a critical security vulnerability somewhat, it allows the average user to get the powers in charge of the system. And Microsoft this vulnerability as ” important ” but ” not so critical ” because it can’t be exploited remotely. However, this does not mean that it is not important to issue a fix for this vulnerability because the attacker can exploit this vulnerability with the implementation of the code unknown to the remote to get the powers of the director in Windows 10.

Currently, we can’t say with certainty how long will it take Microsoft long before you issue the Fix for this vulnerability with the knowledge that the company has yet to repair the vulnerability of the former disclosed by the company Google and in browser Microsoft Edge.



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