Google unveiled an update to OS Wear, increase the autonomy of smart watches

Google is preparing to release updates to the operating system Wear OS for wearable devices with a straightforward name of H. this is stated on the official technical support forum. The update will focus on increasing battery life compatible smart watches by translating in time display mode. This innovation will be appropriate in situations where it is important not to lose track of time, and the battery is close to full discharge.

In fact, the clock is analog power saving mode for smartphones. The device enters this state automatically when the battery level reaches 10%, and remains in him until you disable or arm supply. In the power saving mode the watch will not notify about missed calls and messages, and perform any other tasks other than the demonstration time, with the aim of conservation of energy.

How to extend the working time of hours for the Wear OS

In addition, the update of H for devices running OS Wear includes passive deep sleep mode. He, as well as the power saving mode is activated automatically, but not in situations when the battery is close to discharge, but only after 30 minutes of complete inactivity, and not deprive the watch of their functions. In this state, the device begins to consume a minimum of energy, thereby extending its autonomy in case of important cases.

When the update is released for the Wear OS

According to the official Google release updates to take place over the next two months. Unfortunately, to install it will only owners of smart watches running Wear OS, and those whose manufacturers did not bother to translate proprietary devices with Android Wear, will stick. However, as soon as the transition between the platforms will be made, the long-awaited update will be available for download and subsequent installation.

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