Google Translatotron related to the translations to the next level


Translation service of the company Google is working so well, translates speech and text in a good way. However, what they normally lose in the process of translation is the way you say the words in the original, since it is a lot of inference based on the Speed Challenge a person’s tone, this may lead sometimes to confusion on the translation quality.

However, the company believes Google they may be able to solve these problems using a new system for supports Translatotron. What does the new system of education is that it tries to take the tone and rhythm of the person speaking and apply it to the soil too, which the company hopes Google will make the speech seem normal for a bit.

According to Google, it has stated by saying : ” through the integration of the network to encode the speaker, the system can Translatotron also keep the characteristics of the sound for a native speaker in the translated word, which makes the sound of the translated word sounds more natural and less stressful “. Having said that, based on audio samples published by Google official blog, it was still very clear that the computer is talking to you.

This is unlike some other efforts by Google Inc. in the field of artificial intelligence such as Google Duplex which has succeeded in deceiving many to believe that they are talking to a real human being. However, the system is still Translatotron need more developments, we believe that it will improve with time, but for now he looks promising.


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