Google to reveal search history in a new guise

A new feature of Google, is to facilitate the process of searching through history, what we explain now in detail in those lines.

Search via Google

Are you looking for something I read through the pages of the internet a year ago? Or maybe 5 years ago? Became to find those news and articles The Old more easily now through the newest feature of Google, which revealed the most popular search engine in the world, about the search history, which enables the user to select the timing of your job search desired, using the word before before or after after, attached to specific.

For example if you want to search for news related to the player what is football, but by 2018, what we have then only to write his name then before:2018, it’s simple that can be applied as well to the news that released for that personal search and replace in the current year such as, by writing the name of the facility and بـafter:2019-01-01, to show you the search results associated with the beginning of the year until now.

The pre-feature Google

At the time that those look Water modern from Google, like facilitating the processes of purification results to the greatest extent, we find that it was being different by their appearance, where it was possible for the pioneers of the search engine Google, to find the list when searching through computers, allows the selection of the results history, only that that water was not available to users of phones, who have receded they have options between the identification results of a week ago, or a month or a year.

It was the last period has seen some changes, in relation to the activities of Google across the world, where have been some modifications to Gmail Gmail in the past few months, as the company has the global termination of the application work the South has a lot of the pioneers of the site, application Inbox, as well as the addition of a number of different features, such as Email AMP, as well as a feature to schedule, organize and Email scheduling.

In the end, Google hopes through search feature through history, to facilitate the task of users of computers and phones alike, until reaching the required results more simply via the popular search engine in the world.

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