Google think ill manage passwords for 14 year

Over the years, has enabled Google to avoid security attacks is large, so that you do relatively decent in maintaining the security of users ‘ data, especially since the only reason they do it is they get and every little piece of information about their digital lives that can feed its empire ad.

However, this funding began in homelessness recently. Where admitted to US police that poor password management may know the information of millions of users at risk, after discovering that some users of the service G Suite of Business store their passwords in plain text is not encrypted since 2005, described his company as “the problem” and, worse, a security vulnerability has been reported recently to have influenced the specific passwords in the service of G Suite.

G Suite is the corporate version of Gmail and apps Google other, it seems that this error has occurred in this product because of a feature designed specifically for businesses, where possible to the official company Apps G Suite set passwords for accounts staff manually, and store these passwords in plain text instead of stored in encrypted form.

The problem is limited in the service of G Suite only, and the company began to notify users likely know their accounts compromised a few days ago, and now, to make sure they all change their passwords.

Police said they did not find any evidence of the awareness of any parties external to this pressure and benefit from it in the past, while still passwords are stored inside the infrastructure to serve G Suite within the servers of Google, which contain a layer of encryption, so it will not be possible for any person access to sensitive data without finding a way to go beyond consultation.

Source: Google

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