Google: there will be no dark mode in Android

One of the Android users in the last November about the possibility of seeing “dark mode” to improve battery life in Android phones screen OLED within the complaint about the defect, responded a staff member of the android that the cell has been repaired yesterday, also said that the development team of Android added the feature of dark mode and it’s coming in the next release. Unfortunately, Google said in a statement that what he said incorrect posture, and it was caused by poor availability. What was added in Android P is the preparation of the developer (under developer options) to share the definition of Night mode for the user interface, helping them to create and test applications that implement the night mode. Accordingly, the option available now is to put the dark at a low level, which was made available last October exclusively on phones pixel 2. A feature that allows users to change the theme to the shining to the Theo dark building on the background of their phones and gloomy, and went to the phones pixels original with Android 8.1. We hope that Google would expand this feature to other Android devices, or for devices that need that feature for longer battery life. Source: The Verge

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