Google the evolution of platform games to compete with Xbox and PlayStation

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Reports indicate that the company Google is working on the development of a platform dedicated to the games able to rival platforms Xbox of Microsoft and PlayStation of Sony, during the last few months many rumors about the existence of a technology company that operates quietly and focus in order to enter strongly in the field of video games, it seems that Google, which controls to some extent on e-mail and Internet browsers, artificial intelligence and other services, has interesting plans in relation to the new Council.

According to the report, the giant sea trying to walk in three directions is the development of the broadcast service games codenamed Yeti, the development of the type of devices suitable for Xbox, PlayStation, coupled with its attempt to attract developers of games under its umbrella, the sources say that Google met many video game companies are big in the Game Developers Conference GDC in San Francisco held during the month of March.

It also held a giant sea meetings during the conference E3 2018 held by the city of Los Angeles earlier in the month of June, where the company talked about the platform to broadcast their own measure of attention, and Google’s possibility to attract game developers to the service of the Yeti, buy studios development fully.

It’s similar to the idea of a broadcast platform, Yeti as NVIDIA by GeForce Now, where the idea is to have a Yeti about making players able to play games with precision graphics high through the available devices Group, provided there is a permanent connection to the internet, eliminating the need to own computers and custom games, remove the incentives to gear for the players.

Tried to Google over the past years explore initiatives relating to video games, if a company is using in 2014 to acquire service Twitch before you get it Amazon, as I spoke of the rumors for years that Google is trying to launch a console on the Android system, similar to your Fire TV from Amazon, but it didn’t happen.

Achieved company Niantic in 2016, which has been tracking Google, a great success in the field of games through the game due immersive Pokémon Go, and enjoy the Google has a long history in relation to the employment of developers of games projects don’t move never.

And service to broadcast games from the Google to take advantage of the power of the cloud, which operates on the run youtube James the rest of the other services of the company, also help in the arrival of games such as Call of Duty to a much larger audience in case it wasn’t the players need a graphics card high-priced or an integrated platform to run the game.

Relate one of the ideas raised the possibility of integration between the platform Yeti with YouTube, as instead of opening the laptop to search for a guide in case you play the game and don’t know how to solve the puzzle, you can press the button for YouTube on the screen to help you on how to play the game.

One of the biggest problems broadcast platforms in the bandwidth, as the broadcast Video Games big means upload and download large amounts of data, which is difficult in many parts of the world because of bandwidth and access to high-speed connections, but Google is able to solve the problem of bandwidth which can not buy other games solved through several company initiatives such as Google Fiber.

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