Google tests the functions of anti-spam and SMS reminders in the Messages

Google is always conducting so-called A/B testing new features in their applications. Often before the release of any function in a final or even beta version of fans already detected description or reference within the application (or system). But sometimes this hidden function to activate and independently verify its performance. So, developers from XDA Developers have managed to discover and include several new features in the Messages app on Android.

Google will verify the sender of the message

Judging from the tab with switch to activate this function, or rather according to its description in this section, “Verified by SMS” to check the sender of the message to the authenticity of his existence and intentions. That is, Google will check that the company that sends you an offer really exists and the number from which came SMS, belongs to her. In the description of the feature, Google assures that won’t see the content of your messages. I don’t understand very well why this feature is really necessary and what tangible good, and information about it as much.

When searching in the settings on the support page there is a link, which leads to the message “access is impossible”. Given that the description of this feature reads: “a more secure chat for businesses that send verified (confirmed) text,” I assume it will work as checking social networks, since the phone number that was officially registered in Google account for business, you will have the company name and a tick appears in the dialog message. This will help to reduce the amount of fraud and phishing, informing the user about whether the received message was really sent by the company.

SMS reminders

Another discovered feature is SMS reminders. It adds a new button in the notification, clicking on which the application will know in an hour you need to be reminded of the message so you answered it. Although Android 8.0 Oreo and later built a similar notification, this function does not depend on the version of the system. Unlike the built-in notifications new features even there is no possibility to change the reminder time. This function seems useless, if you know about the existence of the standard reminders with the notifications on the system, but it can be useful for users who do not know about them or are still using an older version of Android.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to say when these features will appear and if at all; all we know is that Google is currently testing them.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to say when these features will appear and if at all; all we know is that Google is currently testing them.

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