Google tests a new design in the Cards. How does it look?

In late November, the developers of Google have added Cards important feature. We are talking about the opportunity to add feedback to the institutions hashtag. Writing the last no one reglamentary, so users will be able to find the right place, even niche. The staff’s efforts are not over. Now looks more consistent with the norms Material Theme. Update is ready, but until I got to all users.

The trends of the new design got to many of the maps. This is the main interface, improved sidebar and even updated the display of hotels with detailed descriptions and prices. Also changed the fonts in different tabs and apps for Android Auto, according to Android Police. Now the update has reached the route.

The new interface has plenty of white, which replaced the blue background. The text and icons become gray with the blue still appears on a separate button. The fonts are also different.

Compare the design of the program for clarity. For starters, look at the screen route. On the left the current version of the program on the right.

Some interface elements moved to another location. For example, the button which starts the navigation is now located in the lower left corner, not the right.

Details of the routes also differ. The program still shows the fare for a taxi.

Below you can see the navigation window. The buttons at the bottom of the display is also reversed.

Update get users in different countries. By the way, the latest beta does not guarantee the availability of update.

Google Maps also launched a tab “For you” in 130 countries. The feature allows you to keep track of an institution, like the owner of the smartphone. Function testing began in June.

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