Google terminated support for the application store for Android version 4.0

قوقل تنهي دعم متجر التطبيقات لنسخة أندرويد 4.0

Announced Google about the termination of support services Museum of its applications for Android version 4.0 known as ice cream sandwich, which means that the phones that still work on this version of the system will depend on the independence of app updates from the developers through the App Store after the stop of the support.

Was Google has announced the launched version 4.0 of its system on 19 October 2011, to be the ninth version of the operating system of smart phones at that time, and then replaced it in version 4.1 known as Jelly Bean in 2012, to come after 7 years almost and my full support for the.

The company, like other developers of operating systems discontinued support for the old version of the regulations, especially since the majority of modern devices run on a version of the system later, especially since the specifications of the phones are with the passage of time and show the improvements that can copy a new.

Some may believe that there is no users version Android 4.0 until now, but the real turn on about 6 million phone and tablet device running this system, which represents 0.03% of the number of devices operating Android globally at the current time.

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