Google supports the arms of the Xbox controller on the Android version 9.0 Bay officially

قوقل تدعم أذرع تحكم Xbox على إصدار أندرويد 9.0 باي رسمياً

Obviously, the arms of the Xbox will work efficiently on Android devices, as far as accurate control on all the arm buttons, so after support Google arms control official, on the latest version system Android 9.0 Bay.

Has Microsoft added Bluetooth to the hands of the challenge two years ago to be connected to Android devices and use them while playing, but have encountered many games is a problem in the work of some button, and the desired arm.

The forum reported XDA developers, that Google has received a report of the errors that occur when you set the control arms for the Xbox, noting that it has been fixed in the latest version of Android 9.0 Bay.

This will be good news for users of Android, especially who have long suffered from reached the hands of the Xbox on their servers, where there are many games that support arms control, it seems that the game forest you will have the support arms soon according to CNET, which will add to the game as the excitement and makes it more fun.

It seems to support Google hands speak officially, opens new horizons for many of the games developers to support the possibility of using the hands move via smart phones.

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