Google supports the application of camera phones pixels the possibility of using external microphone

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The new property will be added to Google for pixels of the known quality of the captured images as well as videos that the company seeks to provide improved, where he said employees in the engineering department applications in Google that the company is working on strengthening the application premise phones Pixel camera feature allows using microphone additional when you capture the video to the police that would end the problem of the photo and provide a new experience always demanded by the users pixel resolution.

And this is the first squad because the are phones Pixel camera support external microphone for all decisions where provided for third-party applications other camera like Open Camera this before, but it is believed the presence of the property in the default app is good, and gives a better impression to the users in terms of quality and facilitate the process of content creation for these things.

According to Android Police , the new feature will be operational in the second ten of the month, i.e., in time that will launch the Google phones pixels the New, where they will be external microphone via USB port C in the new version or by the entrance to the sky in the previous version, which you’ll find a Google solution to not stressing probably via ext “Dongle”

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