Google support Chrome version 74 pilot Time night windows

قوقل تُدعم نسخة كروم 74 التجريبية بالوضع الليلي على الويندوز

The company launched Google’s first prerelease version of their browser Chrome 74 with support for Night Mode on the Windows operating system, to provide that browsing experience to the user under the weight of dark after activating the mode through the settings.

Not only the features in the Chrome 74 on dark mode, but also provides many options to control display content and customize it according to user’s wishes, can use the option of Reduce Motion and turn off animated graphics version on iOS and Mac wooden windows, and provide properties to turn off autoplay for video and audio that cause nuisance to the vast majority of users.

Ones Chrome this can be said that many of the problems severe been resolved whether advertising spam videos automatic playlist jamming in the background resulting from support operations, pop-up, etc through the allocation and development options allow the user to increase the extent of side effects of research processes, it also can not ignore the night mode, which means a lot users who spend the bulk of their time in the sea.

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