Google Stream Transfer allows you to transfer songs and videos between the compatible smart devices


The newest solution from Google Inc. to broadcast content supports Stream Transfer. This feature lets you transfer songs and videos and sound between compatible devices that support Chromeast amplifiers such as smart Google Home and smart companies such as Google Home Hub. At the present time, the broadcast feature new compatible with most apps famous MMORPG such as Youtube and Youtube Music and Spotify and Pandora, will be through touch interaction or voice commands directed to the digital assistant Google Assistant or through the application Google Home.

This feature can be useful new to pass songs between different rooms, or video clips between smart screens or to TV sets with Chromecast. Water the other nice is the ability to transfer songs from one of the smart speakers to a set of speakers in the application Home. Are already underway to launch the Google Stream Transfer for Chromecast and Google Home and Nest the smart.

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