Google stops manufacturing parts of the broadcast audio Chromecast Audio


Confirmed Google have discontinued the manufacture of pieces of Broadcast Audio Chromecast Audio so that it will sell the available stock only and will not be producing new units anymore.

This widget provides the possibility to broadcast music and audio content from any device such as phones and tablets and personal systems audio home headphones the huge. Support pieces the quality of the music high up to 96Khz/24bit and it was sold at a price of only $ 35.

In one form or another was expected to stop Google manufactured especially that they did not have any updates for three years when launched for the first time.

We don’t know yet if Google developed a new device from the potential of even the best can compete with similar devices of other drive, but it is certain that the company went out lessons learned much of this the machine that stopped after years of its launch in particular, they tried to promote periods shows reduction in its price is more for less than half.

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