Google stopped work on the smart contact lens designed to monitor blood glucose levels


Revealed the Department of Life Sciences in the company Google unveiled a project he was working on the measurement of blood glucose levels in 2014. We have developed this section contact lenses Smart was supposed to provide a non-surgical method to get the sugar levels in blood. Subsequently, it has been turn this section into an independent company called Verily, a subsidiary of Alphabet, which is also the parent company of Google, has announced Verily now that he is off to work on smart contact lens to monitor sugar level in the blood.

The Department of Life Sciences in the company Google had initially cooperated with the company Alcon, a subsidiary of Novartis leading in the development of contact lenses. The panel accepts that although the development of this technology to become the platform of electronic multi-function supports actions such as sensor data and to transmit it to the eye, except that there is not enough congruence in the readings.

Conducted several meetings of the clinical study with individual users and collect hundreds of thousands of package bio-data from the readings on the eye. The tests revealed that there is a ” match not enough in our measurements the relationship between glucose and tears and the concentration of glucose in the blood to support the requirements of a medical device “.

One of the main challenges is to get accurate readings of glucose in the environment of the eye concerned. The team found that the trading of bio-molecules in the tears to prevent them from getting accurate readings of glucose small amounts of glucose in combination are responsible for the tears in the eye.

The company decided to Virely along with the company Alcon put the project on hold.. The company will continue work on the smart contact lens projects lenses smart inside the eye, but goal will not be used as a method of non-invasively to obtain a reading of blood glucose.



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