Google stopped to overhear the conversations of users of Google Assistant

Fame and influence that Google earned over the years of its existence, in recent years often go to her detriment than benefit. It seems that not a month goes by that the authorities of any country does not suspect the search giant in violation of the laws. But if the accusations of monopolistic capture of the market by operating systems, in General, look quite awkward, wiretapping users without their knowledge could be the beginning of loud trial.

Google has decided to suspend the call recording users Google Assistant for the period of the proceedings, which will hold the Federal German Commissioner for data protection. This is stated in a statement published on his official website. According to officials, the wiretapping may be contrary to the laws, and therefore requires mandatory investigations to identify methods of collection, storage and analysis of the data.

Google listens to you

Official Google representatives have confirmed that suspended the recording of voice commands, once received a letter from the Federal German Commissioner for data protection. However, they emphasized, the data collection was terminated voluntarily, although this is not required. Now the company encourages Agency, offering all possible assistance in the investigation of the incident for its early resolution.

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Today it became known that Apple also decided temporarily to abandon the call recording user. However, unlike Google, Apple did so because of concern that the technology of speech recognition. According to the Spanish newspaper El Pais, a fair amount of conversations that were recorded Siri, was not addressed to her, and therefore likely to have been recorded accidentally. Apparently, thus Apple just insure in case of possible litigation.

Why wiretapping is okay

In relation to Google issues the regulator is not accidental, but deliberate recording that by and large somewhat illogical. If Google Assistant records and reports on the analysis of only the unrecognized treatment, and does not listen to users on a regular basis, there is nothing wrong. In the end, the assistant will be able to correct mistakes and begin to better perceive the human voice only with the help of real people who transcribe for him misunderstood words and expressions.

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