Google stopped the recording of her voice beat virtual

جوجل توقف التسجيلات الصوتية بالإعدادت الافتراضية في مساعدها الصوتي

Google announced via her blog that she will save the audio recordings and images to the users list of virtual in her voice.

Where revealed several reports in the recent period, Google violated user’s privacy through the cooperation of its staff members outside to listen to audio recordings in order to improve the translation services that you offer.

And Google has to stop work to save the recordings and review of Almost Human last July, after its assault on the privacy of the users clamor big that happened after her arrival to adjustments to account under the pretext of improving their services.

Came the text of the company’s announcement that it would resume work to review the audio recordings, but through the strategy of the privacy of new; is in free Settings Virtual of saved recordings.

According to the privacy policy of the new IT-style of being audio recording will not be the default setting in the plugin, the user management activity of his voice through a particular tab activity and voice recording.

It is also assumed that the company scans the recordings that were released and saved by mistake in cases that are not mentioned the words of activation of the rules as OK Google like.

Where it is expected to launch on the new feature added settings plugin enables the user to determine how sensitive the response for the key during the course of conversation to avoid to save the recordings by the line.

It is noteworthy that all of the Alexa, Amazon and Apple were among assistance audio used by the owners in order to improve the service by voice by reviewing the registration of users without their permission, forcing the two companies side to the public and change policies to review the trade after highlighting the violation of the privacy of users.

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